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Update on Rosie from New Leash On Life USA

15 August 2017

When Stands told us New Leash on Life USA had been chosen as the spotlight charity, we were so honored! We were so excited to realize people care as much about second chances as we do! New Leash rescues dogs and sends them to prison. There, they are trained by...

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Michael Coleman

07 August 2017

"My name is Dr. Gupta, and I am a neurologist. You have a rare condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I am going to be honest with you: there is a very real chance you will not survive the week. I am admitting you to ICU, we need to act fast."This was...

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Rachel Miner

28 July 2017

I want to give you the truest truth in me, so here it goes. The strongest wish I have inside is to be so completely, entirely good, pure of heart, noble, that the force of that would surge out into the world and turn all evil into beauty and harmony…...

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On the Subject of Fandom and Family

25 July 2017

I've never had a family quite like the Supernatural Family. Sure, like all families, we have our disagreements. Our fights. Our weirdoes. We have those we're close to, those we see once a year at family reunions, those whom our parents make us write graduation and wedding invites to even...

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MISHA COLLINS speaks on Jacmel Children's Center

21 July 2017

Interview with Misha Collins About Jacmel Children’s Center @lawyerashley: What is the most rewarding part of seeing a project like this through? What is the hardest? How do you keep from getting overwhelmed? Misha: It's great to see an idea evolve from concept to completion and see the tremendous impact...

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