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MISHA COLLINS speaks on Jacmel Children's Center

Interview with Misha Collins About Jacmel Children’s Center @lawyerashley: What is the most rewarding part of seeing a project like this through? What is the hardest? How do you keep from getting overwhelmed? Misha: It's great to see an idea evolve from concept to completion and see the tremendous impact it makes. That sometimes painfully slow evolution is also the hardest part, so I keep from getting overwhelmed by taking satisfaction from knowing that I've put countless hardworking staff and volunteers through the ringer to get our goals accomplished. Schadenfreude is a great stress reliever. @fangirlingjess: Does raising awareness for causes like these become more difficult when there isn't an immediate crisis to respond to? Misha: It does. People are...

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Kim Rhodes: Wayward Strong

It was a strange little room in Blackpool, smelling of either fresh seawater or ancient liver and onions. We couldn’t decide. There were probably twenty of us, sitting in a circle, and we tried to define courage. I had an Idea. “Hang on,” I demanded as I stood up. “I want to try something. Stay there.” Briana smiled as she always does when I have an Idea.  I took a deep breath, thought of Something that Mattered, and stepped forward. It was an experiment, completely and utterly manufactured, yet tears shot to the surface. (True, all it usually takes to make that happen is a stiff breeze and a lost kitten, but this was primal.) I felt alone and vulnerable...

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