The 2018 SPN Ladies Calendar "If I Could Tell You" is Here!

Well, it's here.

This is a big day for the Stands family.

About six months ago, Jacmel Children's Center reached out to ask for help covering their 2018 expenses. With a growing number of children and a number of those children growing in general (like they do), they were tapped for resources. What could we do to help?

The impossible, as it turns out.

For the last few years, you've been politely demanding, in all caps, that the ladies of SPN have an equal presence at conventions, in merchandising, on the show... Honestly, y'all are like, really loud. So this year you are getting Wayward Sisters/Daughters, and what we consider the jewel of any merch we have mustered to this point. Sorry fellas.

With no small amount of smug (really, really smug) pride, we would like to offer you the 2018 SPN Ladies Calendar- "If I Could Tell You."

Twelve of your faves have donated their faces, some wisdom, and 100% of profits to Jacmel Children's Center. They are our heroes.

With all the love in our cotton hearts, we would like to thank Kim Rhodes, Lisa Berry, Briana Buckmaster, Emily Swallow, Felicia Day, Shoshannah Stern, Amy Gumenick, Alaina Huffman, Sam Smith, Katherine Ramdeen, Ruth Connell, and Rachel Miner for stepping up without hesitation to lend their support.

Today we are launching something that everyone was told it was impossible to do. Let's go ahead and write that down... in our calendars. 


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  • Emma

    I was just wondering if these were available anywhere any more. Thanks.

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