Hey, charity warriors: we're interested to hear what this community means to you. Have any of our actors' campaigns affected you in a positive way or inspired you to do more? What have you liked about them? How have the campaigns affected your personal involvement in philanthropy or charity? Tell us everything. Get seriously feelsy with it, we can take it.

Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I was so excited when I heard what Jensen and Misha's plan was with the You Are Not Alone campaign. It's something that is close to my heart and I knew immediately I wanted to help both by purchasing a shirt but also by signing up to volunteer with IMAlive. Thanks to the campaign, Random Acts sponsored me and I am now a trained crisis counselor and have been doing chats for a while now. I have seen first hand what the service means to people and I am so grateful that this campaign supported it and helped it grow, allowing it to help so many more people that need someone to talk to.

Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

I have bought shirts for Jensen, Jared, Mark, Misha, Osric, Kim, Briana, Ruth, Alaina, Jim, Rob and Rich. I have loved them all and will always support them to the best of my abilities. They are an amazing group of people with a generosity that you want to support.

Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I live in Brazil and thought it was an impossible dream to wear a shirt like that and also help their campaigns, couldn't afford that. But then I met Sil on Twitter. She finds the most kind angels to donate to fans from all around the world that can't afford it. This was the first time I helped her with the portuguese speakers. After that, I help her in every campaign and I am very proud to say that we reached 40 brazilian fans during one single campaign. This generosity spreads itself, the girls here that received those shirts always find a way to give back in their own comunity, learning to be kind and help people, even strangers. And they felt loved, same as I felt myself...

Sam Intartaglio
Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

During the week of gishwhes 2016, I received a message from a concerned online friend of mine, about a mutual friend of ours. (For the story's sake, I'll call our friend "Jane.") Jane was someone we were online friends with for a few years, and we knew she had a history of being bipolar. She was making distressing posts on Facebook, saying she planned to commit suicide. Before the YANA campaign, I would see messages like this on Twitter or FB. It was hard to know if the person really intended on following through, or if it was a cry for help, and they just needed someone to reach out to them. Because of the YANA campaign, I started reading about signs of how to tell when someone is thinking about suicide. I found out through other friends that Jane already made arrangements to have her art donated to a local art museum, and was giving away other possessions. I live in NYC and she lives in South Carolina, and those red flags are what prompted me to get in touch with her local police department after finding her address online. I worried about her being upset with me, but I knew I had to intervene. Luckily, the police were able to find her just in time. She had taken a lot of pills and they rushed her to a hospital. Jane went voluntarily to inpatient treatment after that, and is still an online friend of mine today. I never actually told her it was me who called the police, but she did make a post on FB a few weeks later saying she was grateful someone did.

The YANA campaign was a catalyst for me to take online posts like her's more seriously, and to reach out for others (even if I don't know them), in the future. I've struggled with depression since I was a teen, and YANA hit close to home. I'm forever grateful and honored being a part of it. Jensen, Misha, and Jared deserve all the best for caring so much about all of us.

Olivia Gallegos
Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

The first campaign shirt I ever purchased was the first Wayward Daughters one. I was in the hardest part of my life, and was just entering this fandom. I was in an awful place and having anxiety attacks every day, I hadn't left the house in weeks. I dropped out of college and quit my job because I couldn't make myself leave the house. The people in my life didn't understand, and discounted what I was going through. Wayward Daughters saved me though and gave me a community of people who had my back. When the shirt arrived the first place I wore it was to my first therapy appointment. I've worn a spn shirt (yana, Wayward AF, LOVE, rock god, etc.) to almost every single appointment since. Every time I wear them I can feel the hundreds of people who are in this fandom with me & support me & love me. They remind me I'm a part of something bigger, & that I am working with everyone to make the world (and myself) a little better. Since then, I've re enrolled in school & found a job I love. & the reason is that I have so much support & have found a community that inspires me to own my flaws & find strength in my emotions & heartache. Kim & Briana & all the wayward ladies have given me the tools to look at myself differently & realize that what I went through can make me stronger instead of weaker. Thank you all. ❤

Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

I love supporting these campaigns..I struggle with a few different issues and knowing that these campaigns help others is amazing! I've met all of these men at Phoenix con both 2016 and this year. They are amazing people and they do outstanding work..Jared has been a hero to me since he admitted he struggles too. They are a delight in person and I will always be glad to support the campaigns because just knowing that they are out there rooting for the people that struggle keeps me going! Thank you Jared, Jensen and Misha! Xoxo

Ellen R
Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

Many of the campaigns speak to me, but especially WaywardAF. I found Wayward Daughters at a point when i felt especially weird for my orientation and felt like I didnt fit in. While I still have days that I have a hard time accepting myself or believing that I am enough, this campaign and the Wayward Daughters community has shown me that i am not alone and that it is perfectly fine to be me and WaywardAF. I try to embrace my inner weirdness.

Deirdre Slavens
Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

I never purchased stuff like shirts or gear from any show or specific actor until the last few years. I have made it a point to save up and purchase from the following campains for many reason. But mostly because these people make us feel like family. They make us have faith in ourselves and our future. They hope a better future for everyone just like i do. They strive to help so many and it is inspiring. Connecting with actors and fans over such amazing campains has giving me strength to go on, faithin myself that i can fight through so much that is against me in my life abd knowledge that their is a group of people our there that care and are there to support me as much as i support them. We truly are one large Supernatural Family.
*Jensen and Misha's "You are not alone Campain" This came at a time when my daughter moved out and i felt very alone in life. My daughter and have been inseparable for 23 years and my life revolved around being a mom and only a mom. So this shirt is a reminder to me that i wasn't alone, that i mattered in this world.
*Rob Benedict's "Rock God Campain"
This campain was important to be because i lost a father to a stroke and had they gotten him care faster and the right kind of care then he would still be in this world. I truly stand behind stroke awareness and care and am glad that Rob was lucky to make it through this trial in his life to come back to us.
*Ruth Connell's "Rowen's Coven Couture" this campain was amazing. Such great gear in support of an amazing cause. I have had family with breast cance and have feared it a few times myself and the fact or having a mastectomy would make me feel like an ever worse outcast scares me. I love that the group she supported helps to give breasts back to those that have lost them, giving them the confidence of normality again. Ruth gives us such Brilliance and grace.
I feel beautiful, sassy and empowered when i wear my shirt.
*Kim and Briana's "Wayward AF Campain"
These ladies and thier campains and true humanity make it easy to feel true to yourself. They have told the world F off if you don't like us for who we are and the world needs to hear that and everyone needs to believe this . i wear my shirt and feel powerful in myself and who i truly am.
*Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Misha Collins "SPN Family Love campain" this campain ment so much because it really inforced the love that is world wide from these actor and this fandom. I purchase gear for myself , my daughter and my fiance. Its great being able to wear our gear as a family and show our love. I also feel the love of an entire world of people when i wear my shirt.
The supernatural fandom has given so much Love and support to us fans. They have made us a family full of real people who truly cared for one another's life. These actors have become more then just stars on tv. They have showed us how real they are and how they honestly care and in this world that makes them stand out as exceptional. I thank all of the Actors from supernatural for all of their support and stength that they have given us. I thank them for being family. I charish my campain wardrobe and always will just as i cherish the people that have brought them to us.
Love and Respect always ((smooches))

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