Hey, charity warriors: we're interested to hear what this community means to you. Have any of our actors' campaigns affected you in a positive way or inspired you to do more? What have you liked about them? How have the campaigns affected your personal involvement in philanthropy or charity? Tell us everything. Get seriously feelsy with it, we can take it.

Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I had the pleasure of meeting both Jensen and Misha at a fan convention a few months before the "You Are Not Alone" campaign was launched. As someone fortunate to have good mental health, I really appreciated the message that was coming from the "other side" of the issue, from the point of view of a supporter. I have friends and family who suffer from depression, who have had harmful thoughts, etc. and that message of inclusion was just such a lovely, simple way to show support. I don't always know what to say to someone who's hurting, but I can listen, and remind them that they're not alone. Plus, reading about the success of the IMAlive Crisis Support Network just makes me even more thankful to have been able to contribute to something so positive and so needed.

Evelyn Gunardi
Supported: Ruth Connell's "Rowena's Coven Couture" Campaign

I bought this for myself, and I used the international tracked shipment. The good is good. Soft, strong, and awesome.
I also participated in more Stands campaigns, but mostly sending the goods to others. Glad to bring joy to the recepients.

Irene Gallin
Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

I've never thought of myself as a particularly strong person or talented but I have been blown away by the support I have gotten from Kim and Biana's campaign! They have supported all of the charity events my theatre group had created and continually make me push myself to try more things and to believe that I have talent to share and using it to help others!

Mickey Morgan
Supported: Rob Benedict's "Rock God" Campaign

I have not had an easy life, but I admit for the most part it was the life I chose as it always helped the people around me. When I was a teenager I met my best friends parents who basically became my parents as well. They let me stay at there house when things were very bad at my own home and treated me like a daughter, and it is still this way to this day. Last summer my "dad" had a stroke, thankfully he is recovering very, very well but it has made it so I want to bring awareness to everyone possible, and say that it can happen to anyone. I almost lost one of the very few people who took the time to take care of me and let me be a kid for a change. So when the Rock God campaign started I knew I needed to be apart of it. I have been apart of most of the campaigns when I have been able to afford it, but this is the one I needed the most. Now every time I wear my Rock God necklace and have people ask me why they should "Call me Chuck" I get to proudly tell them why I have it and what I stand for.

Sandra Roll
Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I'm a married mom of four kids. I live in a very small town in Vermont. I have depression. My oldest daughter decided out of the blue that we/I wasn't the mom/family she wanted, so at 22 she moved in with her best friends family. Her best friend was interning in Korea at the time. My daughter moved out during her little brothers emergency surgery. I had no warning, no reason, other than I wasn't good enough, in fact she told me I was nothing. I believed her. She found out that her new family really didn't pay attention to her like she had hoped. They did however encourage my daughter to branch out and move to Dallas Texas. She moved, and I have not spoken to her in 3 years. She has come back to our tiny town three times and never contacted her three siblings and her Dad or I. She wreaked havoc with rumors to the point where I really don't go out much. I stay home now, watching reruns of Supernatural and the current seasons. The show is my one thing my daughter and I shared together. I was a very out going involved in the community kind of Mom. Now I am a sad recluse. I have had so many really bad days, on two different occasions I was going to just let go. On two of those days I posted on the Always Keep Fighting Facebook page. I got two immediate responses from @jarpad to Always Keep Fighting. At first I thought it was a person handling his Facebook account and then I was told he takes care of his Facebook account himself. I couldn't believe that Jared Padelecki cared enough to keep me alive twice. I read about his depression and I was so amazed. He saved me and someday I want to meet him and thank him, my husband and my other three kids want to thank him. He became not just this famous actor but a real person that cared for everyone, even me, a sad broken Mom in a tiny town in Vermont. I still have more sad days than happy but I'm trying to realize that my daughter was an adult and chose not to love us, SHE chose to hurt us/me. I did not raise her to be this selfish person, she chose it. Life is hard, and it knocks you down, sometimes it takes a simple response from the last person you'd think cared, to get you through another day. It wasn't about the actor on my favorite show, it was about the person Jared that wanted to help. He did, because I'm still here. We will never be able to thank him enough, I will never be able to thank him enough. I am enough, my husband and my three kids remind me everyday that they would never trade me for anyone else. Please thank him for me!

Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

I struggle a lot with self-esteem and anxiety issues and it's through the SPN family that I find comfort and support. This campaign really struck a cord with me because it reminds me of how many people are out there that love me no matter what. It's because of campaigns like this one and AKF that allowed me to find the confidence to find the ones that love me the most. I joined a roller derby team and I have the greatest support system and it's all because of these 3 men. (I even based my derby name on one of them- it's Smashalecki.) My team and I support a different charity every season and this year we are supporting a safe house for domestic violence victims. I'm honored to help others the same way the SPN Values campaign helped me.

Maegan Earley
Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

Have most of the campaign shirts & it means the world to me! Depression isolates you & you feel so alone, wearing the shirts is just that reminder that there are so many of us out there. A reminder to always keep fighting, even when you don't want to anymore- when you feel like you can't walk, then crawl! 💙💜💚 Thanks for keeping me here this long.

Kelly von Schwanitz
Supported: Jensen & Misha "You Are Not Alone" Campaign

I am always proud to be a part of these campaigns. This one really hit home as it came out right when my 8th grade daughter lost a friend to suicide. The school said nothing, they didn't have any support for the kids. It was swept under the rug. It lit a fire in me. A fire that screams rage and wants to change things where I live. It is going to take time but I am going to start a conversation at the schools in my area about mental health and suicide prevention. Look what this campaign did! There are people joining the I'm Alive crisis chat all the time and there are many more who want to do it. I want the campaign to not just stand for Misha and Jensen but mean something for ME. My daughters and I all suffer from mental illness so I have a serious connection to this problem and how families can be effected. The stress it brings to the lives of the suffering and the ones that love the suffering. There is just so much to talk about and it needs to be discussed. These kids can take it...I promise you. And they need to know someone is there. Slowly but surely I will make a change for the better in my school district.

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