Hey, charity warriors: we're interested to hear what this community means to you. Have any of our actors' campaigns affected you in a positive way or inspired you to do more? What have you liked about them? How have the campaigns affected your personal involvement in philanthropy or charity? Tell us everything. Get seriously feelsy with it, we can take it.

Elizabeth E
Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

The Wayward Daughters campaigns (and really all the SPN campaigns) have made me feel like part of something bigger than myself. Not only are we helping charities and causes that change the world for the better, but we're also participating in and creating a community for people to connect with each other and lean on each other whenever we need them. The Wayward Daughters have been the best support system I could ask for, from supporting my art to helping me raise awareness and funds for my aunt. I love that we have this community, this family, and that these campaigns bring us together to do some good in the world. Thank you, Wayward Daughters, for promoting acceptance and love above all else, and for encouraging everyone to find and embrace their inner strength.

Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

This campaign meant a lot to me because these women empower not only each other, but the supernatural fandom. They are leaving their footprint in this crazy world & remind us that we're going to be alright.

Felicia Atkinson
Supported: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins' "SPN Family Love" Campaign

So, I'm not sure that this is an entirely "website friendly" story, I'm afraid, but I saw that y'all were asking and a lot of the campaigns that have been run have had a very positive impact on me over the past year or so. Perhaps even longer, because I did buy into the original Always Keep Fighting campaign and that's where my story *actually* begins. Blah, blah, pardon the bit that doesn't deal specifically with your products and such forth, but it's required for context, if you will.

I have long struggled with health problems, some of which were of a previously unknown origin. It took very little to exhaust me for days and my joints were prone to dislocating at the drop of a hat and literally just... leaving me bedridden for days. So the Always Keep Fighting kind of had a very strong meaning, if not literal, meaning for me. So I dropped the money on the first run back in 2015 and wore the hell out of it while pretty much spending a lot of that time in bed, unable to do much *but* fight. Flash forward to August of that year and that shirt literally saved my life, because someone broke into my house at around 1:00 and tried to strangle me to death multiple times. It was, and still is, the most terrifying incident of my life. I broke my wrist in two places and suffered major injuries and developed PTSD, but every time I started to pass out, I looked at that shirt and remembered that giving up was not in the cards, and also partly because I thought "what would Sam Winchester do" in that situation (ignoring that Sam is usually the first one to get knocked unconscious in those major duke outs, roflmao, sorry Jared!)

I won't go into a lot of detail about it, but y'can read about it here if you want: http://plenskie.tumblr.com/post/128123946313/as-i-oftentimes-preface-things-with-when-im

I unfortunately had to turn that shirt in for evidence and never got it back. Which kind of sucks. But after that, I bought pretty much every single campaign shirt that resonated with me on any level, because at this point? Screw it, I'm all about inspirational clothes. Like two months after my assault happened, I tore all the ligaments in an ankle and lost the ability to walk correctly ever again, because why not? And 2016 made me the sickest I've ever been, leading into this year. My once unknown illness finally getting diagnosed as a very rare disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, along with a few other crap conditions, and it leads me to having to get constant IVs, injections into my spine and leg nerves, having to have a wheelchair, and wear braces constantly -- and I truly mean *constantly*, I just was set back $700 for ring splint braces to keep my fingers from dislocations -- and yet? I own things from the YANA campaign, the SPN Family Love one, along with -- my personal favorite -- the Wayward AF tanktop that I wear a lot *now.* And I enjoy that one and the YANA one so much, because when I'm having bad days? When I'm stuck in bed? They remind me that I'm not the only one struggling through things and not to give up. And when I can get out and am maybe a bit more awkward than most people? Screw it, at least I'm bloody trying, right?

I wish I'd known about the Resist/Persist campaigns, even, because they'd been good ones for when I get out to do my disability advocacy, which admittedly is not as much as I like. But basically? Short form: I AM DISABLED AND YOUR CLOTHING CAMPAIGNS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF AGAIN. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm not comfortable enough with a public sharing and to post pictures given everything right now, but thanks for making them. <3

Riley S.
Supported: Kim & Briana's "Wayward AF" Campaign

Wayward Daughters started out relatively small, but it's grown by leaps and bounds with no small amount of help from the merchandise campaigns in partnership with Stands. Each campaign has been incredible to witness and be a part of, but the Wayward AF campaign in particular was a total game-changer for me.

Because of the Wayward AF campaign and its subsequent (unexpected) body-positive messaging, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster had a platform to help redefine beauty in our community. Slowly at first, but then exponentially, we saw people learning to love those parts of themselves that they never liked—not necessarily because they're traditionally beautiful, but because they're able to see past what society tells them is beautiful; to love their stretch marks and tummies because they bore two babies, or their mouths with crooked teeth because their smile can light up a room.

#WaywardAF became a space where no one has to fear posting a selfie, or asking for a little encouragement because they feel insecure. In a digital world full of vitriol and trolling, pictures of everyday fans posing #pantslessAF received dozens of likes and compliments, and the best part was that the comments were 100% authentic. In large part because of Wayward AF, the community organically cultivated a culture of encouragement, empowerment, and unconditional support.

I truly feel like we're changing the world, one Wayward Daughter at a time.

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