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Justin Guarini and Jason Manns' "A Change is Gonna Come" MP3

Justin Guarini and Jason Manns' "A Change is Gonna Come" MP3 $ 5.00

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NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Official release date: January 18th, 2019

As you probably know, the Jacmel Children's Center is doing incredible work to change lives and give hope to the young orphans it houses and helps in Haiti. Its beautiful residents have been adopted into the hearts of Random Acts supporters & the SPNFamily as our own, and they need our help! (Hey, feeding & caring for this many little tricycle motors isn't cheap.) Luckily, two of the most devoted dads we know have stepped up to help: Justin Guarini and Jason Manns!

Justin & Jason have teamed up for a special duet of "A Change is Gonna Come". Donate just $5 and you'll receive an MP3 of their single! 100% of your donations will go to Random Acts to support operational costs of the JCC.

Originally, funding from this single was directed to the Free High School daycare project in Nicaragua, but we're happy to report that the daycare is fully funded, so now 100% of any new proceeds will go to support the Jacmel Children's Center in Haiti.

This is a pre-order opportunity; the single will be released on January 18th. Thank you for helping give these kids a chance to grow up healthy with hope for a bright future. A Change is Gonna Come... and together, we can make it happen.

  • 100% of donations will go to programs at Jacmel Children's Center
  • Mp3 files will be sent in a second order confirmation. The download link will expire 30 days from when the email is sent. You will have one download attempt
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