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Kim Rhodes' "Little Ray of Pitch Black" Coloring Book

Kim Rhodes' "Little Ray of Pitch Black" Coloring Book $ 16.99

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When things get tough, sometimes you just need to curl up and de-stress with a coloring book... But all those books full of rainbows and cute puppies out there just don't quite cut it. No, what you need is a coloring book that reflects the way you REALLY feel. And with Kim Rhodes' new "Little Ray of Pitch Black" coloring book, you'll get exactly that! This book, hand-illustrated by Kim herself, is full of intricate designs that lovingly embrace ALL the feelings: your stabby moments, your Wayward moments, and even those "Fuck You" or fuzzy bunny moments— all with an undercurrent of love and inclusion that reminds you that you can feel whatever you feel, no matter what anyone says, and that is ALWAYS okay.

Best of all, when you get your Little Ray Of Pitch Black coloring book, you'll be joining Kim in supporting the New Leash on Life— a portion of proceeds will help shelter animals get a chance at a better life. The book even comes with a box of black crayons— because we know you're gonna run out. (Of course, we embrace the entire spectrum around here, so we're not limiting you— use whatever colors you damn well please.)

Nobody ever promised life was gonna be all puppies and rainbows, and neither is this book. But sometimes, a Little Ray of Pitch Black is PRECISELY what you need to say Fuck it and chase the gloom away.

  • A portion of all proceeds benefits New Leash on Life, USA
  • Coloring book is 12 8.5" x 11" pages
  • Includes one package of 12 black crayons
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