An image of a black book on a wooden table, against a wall covered in handprints. At the center of the cover in white and red text is "Ohio's Haunted Crimes: an exploration of ten haunted crime scenes." Under the text is a dark and grainy image of a prison cell cot.
An image of the book's table of contents.
A two-page spread from the book, with the chapter title "Suzanne Never Sleeps at Rider's Inn" at the top left. On the right is an image of the Inn. Across both pages is a description of the Inn's history.
A two-page spread from the book, with images and descriptions of Rider's Inn."

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Ohio has seen countless true crimes committed, but the cases presented here are uniquely fascinating as they have left ghosts behind in their wake. Join paranormal author and radio host Kat Klockow on an exploration of ten haunted crime scenes across Ohio.

With interviews of paranormal investigators and property owners, discover the tumultuous history of the Ohio State Reformatory, where hundreds of men died and have come back so that visitors can have a brush with the paranormal, too! Ghost hunt at the old Licking County Jail where over twenty people died by suicide, mob killing, or by setting themselves on fire; their ghosts now roam the halls at night.

Visit Ryan's Tavern, where spirits of bootleggers still dart through rum-running tunnels that were closed decades ago. These ghosts and more have survived, living on in Ohio's ghostly crime tales.

By Kat Klockow. Published by Schiffer Publishing.

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