Season 15 Varsity Jacket in Black (Limited Edition)
Season 15 Varsity Jacket in Black (Limited Edition)
Season 15 Varsity Jacket in Black (Limited Edition)

Sale!Season 15 Varsity Jacket in Black (Limited Edition)

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We’ll never be ready to see the Winchesters ramble on, but after 15 years it’s time to hit the road. Celebrate the senior year of Supernatural with this limited edition, exclusive Season 15 Varsity Jacket!

Sure, Dean Winchester may not have finished high school, but the boys definitely earned a letter in “saving people, hunting things.” With Baby emblazoned on the back and Castiel in the backseat (we’re sure), this jacket is the perfect thing to wear to SPN viewing parties or any time you need a little extra comfort as you fight your way through life. And when things get too scary, you can always pop up the hood and escape for a while. The cotton-blend fibers are super absorbent for soaking up heartbroken #SPNFamily tears (not that you would need that for any reason as you watch this delightfully upbeat show’s final season, of course.)

Best of all, where the rubber meets the road you’ll know you helped Sam, Dean, Cas, and their allies in the fight to save the world in real life, because a portion of all proceeds go to Animal Allies! That’s sure to give you peace when they are done.

Okay, “peace” may be a little too far. But it’s a good way to pay tribute to them as we see them off. Besides, we all know nothing ever really ends... does it?
  • A portion of proceeds will go to Animal Allies
  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester / Machine Wash / Imported
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