An image of a book cover, with the title "The World Of The Dark Crystal" in yellow text. Behind the text are drawings of two elflike characters from the film "The Dark Crystal, surrounded by grass and flowers. The book is standing on a moss-covered branch, with trees in the background.
A two-page spread from the book. On the left is text describing the creation of the movie, with the title "A journey into the dark crystal" at the top. On the right is a drawing of various characters from the film, shown inside a mystical symbol comprised of a triangle inside an ornately framed circle. A character peers into a magical device at the bottom of the image.
A two-page spread from the book. Along the bottom is a screenshot of the film, showing the two main characters walking through the woods. At the top is text describing the creation of the film, with sketches of other characters along the sides.
A black and white image of an ancient stone fresco, showing various characters from the film as carvings in the stone front. At the top of the page is text describing the fresco.
A two-page spread from the book. On the left is an image of Aughra, a witch-like character from the film. On the right is reading "The world of the crystal and aughra." Below that is a paragraph of text said by the character.

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Jim Henson’s 1982 classic The Dark Crystal introduced the world to the remarkable imagination of concept artist Brian Froud, who designed the film’s iconic characters, creatures, and locations.

Following the success of the film, Henson and Froud collaborated on the world of The Dark Crystal, a unique book that showcases the gorgeous conceptual artwork created for the film, and delves into the lore that underpins Thra, The magical world at the heart of Henson’s story.

Now, for the first time in over 15 years, the world of The Dark Crystal is back in print, featuring an abundance of striking art and including all the bonus material from the 2003 collector's edition—a fascinating essay by Froud on the creative process of making the film, and a facsimile of a booklet Froud and Henson presented to the film’s early backers.

By Brian Froud. Published by Titan Books Ltd.

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