Wayward AF Sticker 4"x3"

Wayward AF Sticker 4"x3" $ 9.99

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You defy labels, and usually we don’t support them either… but in this case we’ll make an exception. These Wayward AF stickers will transform the world around you and make it 100% more obviously Wayward AF… Just like you!

Computer acting up? Of course not. It’s just being Wayward AF. Slap a sticker on it so everybody knows what’s up! Broke your grandma’s lamp? Nah. It’s not “broken”… it’s Wayward AF.  Best friend being an amazing badass? You know what to do… a Wayward AF sticker applied to their forehead will let the world know to expect the unexpected!

We recommend getting one for every single surface around you… just in case. The world needs to be more Wayward AF. Make it happen!

Best of all, a portion of proceeds from each and every sticker will go to programs at Random acts. So get a stack of them and when someone tells you to conform, just tell them to stick it… you’re Wayward AF and you don’t care who knows!



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